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October 2022

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FjordAlg på Havbruk2022

FjordAlg gav en oppdatering under konferansen Havbruk 2022.
Takk for gode diskusjoner!



September 2022

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Test av produkt ferdig

Testen av produktet vårt på laks under produksjonsbetingelser i hav er nå fullført, og resultatene er meget gode.
Vi feiret med en middag der produktet stod i sentrum – meget godt!


June 2022Image4 1024


Sommerstudentene er her

Sommerstudentene er her

Karianne and Amalie have arrived in Årdal to make sure our wheels keep turning over summer. Welcome aboard




April 2022Image4 1024

The practical part of the tests of our product at Nord University are complete.

Now it’s over to NTNU to analyse and in a while we will have more documentation on the efficacy of our product.




October 2022

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FjordAlg at Havbruk2022

FjordAlg gave an update at the conference Havbruk 2022 in Bergen.
Thank you for all the good discussions!



January 2022
We’ve moved to Årdal Teknologipark – check out our Location page (internal link)

November 2021
After the successful first test we are starting next round of testing on salmon under production conditions. Results by spring 2022.

October 2021
We went out algae hunting and made some exciting discoveries. Stay tuned. Our specialist will give them the best treatment and they will hopefully grow strong!

September 2021
We’ve finsihed hiring and our expanded team is on site – check our Team page.

August 2021
We’ve completed the first test of our product and demonstrated good efficacy in salmon.

June 2021
The summer students are here! (Insert small version of Image 2)

January 2021
FjordAlg has been awarded an IPN project from the Norwegian Research Council to document the efficacy of our product in salmon. The project will have a duration of two years in collaboration NTNU and Nord University.

Summer 2020
FjordAlg has secured further funding through Innovation Norway and an closed an investor round. We are starting operations at Sitep in Øvre Årdal. We are developing and testing our production process.